Porns Bungalows - Koh Chang

- The View Point above Porn's Bungalows -

Picture from the View Point above Porns Bungalow Resort on Ko Chang in Thailand

Activities & Sights on Ko Chang

Ko Chang is not only famous for relaxed beach vacation but also has various leisure offers for active holidaymakers, e.g. sailing, diving, snorkelling or mountain-biking. In many hotels, bungalow resorts and villages, there are snooker and pool tables, volleyball fields and table tennis tables. During high season the resorts and many travel agencies arrange all day boat tours to the surrounding islands. In many bungalow resorts and hotels kayaks or canoes can be rented to explore the closer surrounding.

Scooters and cars can be rented everywhere, which makes the island easier to explore independently. But be aware that in Thailand you'll drive on the left side of the road and also don't forget to wear helmets as this is law in Thailand! Also experience in riding motorbikes is an advantage as the traffic on the island can be quite dangerous due to the mountains, the many curves and the sometimes bad condition of the road.
If you want to explore the island in a more environmentally-friendly way you can do jungle treks with experienced guides. For the less ambitious, a lot of small paths all over the island lead to short or long walks.

Masseuses offer traditional Thai massages at almost all bungalow resorts along the beaches. In all villages you'll additionally find small Massage-Shops, mostly located directly at the road. Many of the big hotels and holiday resorts have their own air-conditioned Spa areas.
There are a few Elephant-Camps situated on Ko Chang. They offer elephant-trekking through the jungle. Also a tennis court can be found in Baan Klong Prao and even a driving range is located of in the beautiful valley at Baan Klong Son in the north of Ko Chang. At Baan Bai Lan in the south of the westcoast you'll find the "Treetop Adventure Park" where you can explore the jungle by gliding from one tree to the next. If you want to get into the secrets of Thai food you can join Thai-cooking-classes offered in some of the bungalow resorts.

Additionally to all this Ko Chang offers many other attractions including some Buddhist Temples, the national park administration with the small museum, the great waterfalls or the beautiful viewpoints, which are all worth a visit.
For scuba divers there are fascinating diving grounds to be explored off the shores of Ko Chang and the surrounding islands. Besides the many coral reefs, sunk warships can be visited in the Salak Phet Bay (Aow Salak Phet). At all beach villages along the west coast there are diving schools, where tours can be booked or various diving licences can be obtained. As Baan Bang Bao (the village in the Bang Bao Bay) usually is the starting point to the diving trips you will find most of the diving schools there.

Also sailing-tours can be booked in some of the resorts and travel agencies. Since 2005 there is a 12 m Catamaran on the island, so you can do daily sailing-trips to the surrounding islands of Ko Chang (only during high season).
And surely you'll also find some „Party-Places” in most of the villages and beaches: Pubs and bars that lure guests in the evening with fireworks, music and fire jugglers ...

Here you'll find a detailed map with the waterfalls, viewpoints and much more: Activities on Ko Chang.

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