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Bild Porn's Restaurant auf Koh Chang in Thailand

The Location of Ko Chang in Thailand & how to get to Porn's Bungalows

The location of Ko Chang
Ko Chang, the 'elephant island' (Ko = Island, Chang = Elephant), is the second largest island in Thailand after Phuket in the Andaman Sea. It belongs to Trat province, is located approximately 300 km southeast of Bangkok in the Gulf of Thailand, close to Cambodia. In 1982 the "Mu Ko Chang National Park" was found. The main island Ko Chang and 46 other smaller islands in the area were summed up to the 650 square kilometre national park (see maps: The location of Ko Chang in Thailand and Ko Chang in front of the mainland).

Arrival to Ko Chang
From the Airport or the hotel Bangkok - by private transfer
As well as on this site we also offer private transportation on our partner website (Transfer page: Bangkok - Ko Chang / Pattaya - Ko Chang) either with cars, family cars or minibuses. From the airport or any hotel in Bangkok or Pattaya directly to Porn's Bungalows or any other location on Ko Chang. Here you'll find prices and more information: Private transfer.

From Bangkok - by public transportation
From the eastern bus terminal Ekamai (Sukhumvit Road, Soi 40): hourly between 6.00 am - 10.00 pm and at 11.30 pm A/C buses and Non A/C buses leave to the province capital Trat. Travel time is between 4 and 6 hours depending on the traffic and the departure time. At 7.30 am and 9.30 am buses from the route 99 leaves and brings you directly to the ferry piers at Laem Ngop.
From the northern bus terminal Morchit: at 8.30 am and 5.30 pm there are A/C buses to Trat, they also need between 4 to 6 hours.
In Trat either take a chartered taxi or a public pickup (Songthaow) to continue your journey to the piers around Laem Ngop. They wait either at the bus station or at the first intersection directly behind the market and will bring you in around 20 - 30 minutes to one of the piers close to Laem Ngop 17 kilometres away. The songthaows leave when 10 - 15 passengers are collected.

From Bangkok - by private bus
Many travel agencies in Bangkok offer comprehensive tickets, including mini bus or full size bus and ferry fees to Ko Chang. Depending to the operator some even bring you directly to Porn's Bungalows or any other hotel or resort on Ko Chang. Departure times are usually in the morning so you will arrive at the jetty or at your bungalow resort in the afternoon.

From the "Suvarnabhumi Airport" in Bangkok - with public buses
At the new Suvarnabhumi Airport you can take the free airport-shuttle-bus to the airport-bus-terminal. There take a public bus to Trat or to Chantaburi where you have to change the bus to get to Trat. From Trat to the piers as described above.
The buses from route 99 also stop on their way from Ekamai about 30 minutes after departure there.
During high season there are 3 minibuses (9 am, 11 am and 2 pm) going directly to Koh Chang- During low season there is usually only the 2pm bus running. They are leaving from the ground floor at gate 8.

From Bangkok - by plane
The airport in Trat is operated by Bangkok Air, located about 20 km west of Trat. There are daily flights from Bangkok to Trat and back, the flights take around 55 minutes. At the airport mini buses wait outside that will bring you directly to your resort on Ko Chang. Even with the evening flight you will reach Ko Chang at the same day.
Check out the website of Bangkok Air for information about the time schedule:

From Bangkok - with private vehicle
From Bangkok to the ferry ports around Laem Ngop you have the choice of 2 main driving routes, both approximately 300 - 320 km long:
Take the Highway 3 turn off onto Highway 344 at the bypass at Chonburi. At Klaeng turn back onto Highway 3 that leads to Trat and Laem Ngop.
To avoid Trat you can take a shorter way to the ferry points: a few kilometres before Trat in the village Baan Saeng Thung (short after the police checkpoint) turn right off Highway 3 onto Highway 3156 that directs to to Trat airport and Laem Ngop. Follow the signs to the ferry points.
The second possibility is the motorway, a continuation of the Rama IX road, which goes onwards and meets Highway 344. Continue as described above.
(See the map Arrival to Trat)

From Pattaya or Ko Samet - by public transportation
From Pattaya there are daily mini buses to Ko Chang, they usually leave in the morning and bring you within 4 hours to the ferry piers.
From Baan Pae (ferry port for Ko Samet) there are also minibuses leaving at 9 am and 11.30 am, the journey takes around 3 hours.
You can also take either A/C or Non A/C buses to Chantaburi. Step out at the bus station and take a bus to Trat. From there to the piers as described above.

From Pattaya or Koh Samet - with private vehicle
From Pattaya take the Highway 36, after Rayong it meets Highway 3 - continue as described above.
From Baan Pae (harbour town for Ko Samet) on Highway 3 to the piers as described above.
(See the map Arrival to Trat)

From the piers you will reach Porn's Bungalows at Kai Bae Beach by pickup taxi within about 45 minutes. Please let the taxi driver know the name of Porn's Bungalows before starting. If the taxi driver doesn't know Porn's Bungalows try to make him drive to "Sea View Resort". Directly in front of the entrance a small concrete road leads to the sea: walk down and you made it!
If the taxi driver drops you off at the village Baan Kai Bae just walk a few hundred meters along the beach to the south until you reach Porn's Bungalows.

See another map for the location of Porn's Bungalows on the entire island of Ko Chang:
Porn's Bungalows on Ko Chang.
(Specifications: 2014)
Porn's Bungalows - location on Ko Chang
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