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Picture of Porn's Bungalows on Ko Chang in Thailand

The Bungalow Resort

Porn's Bungalows is located almost at the end of the southern part of Kai Bae Beach (see map for the location of Porn's Bungalows on Ko Chang: Porn's Bungalows on Ko Chang).

The name of the bungalow resort, in Thai often also called "Porn Bungalows" or "Porn Bungalow", has it's origin in the forename of the owner "Jiraporn". The short form is "Porn" which is one of the most common nicknames in Thailand – for men as well as for women ...

The bungalow resort is located directly at Kai Bae Beach (Haad Kai Bae), a flat, about 2,5 kilometre long beautiful sandy beach. The coast is partially lined by broad-leaved trees and over-hanging palms. Depending to the time of the year and to the tides the beach can be up to 200 metres wide while the sea almost reaches the bungalows in the first row at high water level. Four islands, Ko Yuak, Ko Pli, Ko Man Nok and Ko Man Nai are situated idyllically in front of the resort.
The bungalow resort has two "parts": the one north of the restaurant and the one south of it which are run separately by the two oldest brothers of the family. You'll find different bungalow categories in this cosy tropical holiday paradise so the prices depends on the size and the location of them. Some Family Bungalows were built in the southern part of the bungalow resort. When Porn's Bungalows was built almost no trees were cleared so that there are still a lot of coconut palms and broad-leaved trees on the extensive terrain. The bungalows, standing in rows parallel to the beach, are all built out of wood (except some stone bungalows at the southern part). In contrast with lot of other bungalow resorts there is sufficient space between the “huts”, so that enough privacy is ensured. The bungalows are either covered with the Thai-typical palm roofs or with "normal" roofs. All have own bathrooms with European toilet, hot-water shower and are equipped with ventilators and mosquito-nets. On the big balconies you'll find a table with chairs. In the newly built family bungalows there is a second washbasin and 2 big beds so 4 people can easily sleep there.

The restaurant of Porn's Bungalows, which serves delicious Thai specialities, snacks, a few European dishes and surely European breakfast, doesn’t only offer excellent food and good service but also has unique charm. For these reasons it has been the most popular restaurant on Kai Bae Beach for many, many years. A big, unroofed, wooden terrace with three pavilions - on the upper floor also equipped with tables and Thai-style-cushions - is situated directly at the beach. In front of the restaurant there are - if the water level allows it - more tables and chairs directly on the beach, so you can also eat and drink there with a special “beach atmosphere”.
Years ago in the restaurant most of the chairs were removed and the “normal” tables were replaced by other ones with short legs. You can choose to sit on the typical Thai-style-cushions or, for those who feel uncomfortable with the Thai-way of sitting, sit on normal chairs and tables in the roofed part of the restaurant ...
Also some hammocks are found in the restaurant so reading comfortably or just relaxing while enjoying food or drinks is also possible.
On the barbeque every evening meat, potatoes, corn, fresh fish, shrimps, squids and other seafood specialities are prepared.
The restaurant offers a big selection of long drinks, cocktails, beer and other alcoholic drinks but also lots of chilled fruit shakes, juices and non alcoholic drinks can be ordered.

Porn's Bungalows probably has one of the most varied music collection on Ko Chang, from French chansons, Jazz, Rock and Pop to the latest Techno-hits – so everybody will find something for his individual taste. In addition almost every evening there are fire juggling shows which are very popular with the guests.
Boat trips and sailing journeys to the surrounding islands can be booked. Elephant trekking can also be arranged and kayaks can be rented to explore the beaches and the nearby islands. A table tennis table as well as a pool table are also located at the restaurant. And directly on the beach of Porn's Bungalows you can enjoy a traditional Thai massage.
The village of Kai Bae Beach (Baan Kai Bae) can be reached by food within a few minutes. There you'll find shops, comfortable beer bars and restaurants, massage and souvenir shops, supermarkets, Internet cafés, scooter rentals and much more.

At the slope behind Porn's Bungalows there is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Ko Chang from where you have a superb view to the four above mentioned islands.

The bungalows at Porn's Bungalows are between 500.- and 1.500.- Baht per night. Reservations are not possible.

How to get to Porn's Bungalows:
From the piers you will reach Porn's Bungalows at Kai Bae Beach by pickup taxi within about 45 minutes. Please let the taxi driver know the name of Porn's Bungalows before starting. If the taxi driver doesn't know Porn's Bungalows try to make him drive to "Sea View Resort". Directly in front of the entrance a small concrete road leads to the sea: walk down and you made it!
If the taxi driver drops you off at the village Baan Kai Bae just walk a few hundred meters along the beach to the south until you reach Porn's Bungalows.
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