Porns Bungalows - Koh Chang

- On an open-air terrace at Porn's Restaurant -

Open-air terrace at Porn's Restaurant

Address of Porn's Bungalows & the Webmaster

Porns Bungalows · 36 Moo4 · Kai Bae Beach · Koh Chang · Trat 23170 · Thailand

There is no reservation possibility for Porn's Bungalows !

Porn's Bungalows is one of the most popular bungalow resorts on the entire island. Therefore during high season you'll need some "luck" to find an available bungalow. Most of the times "huts" are never longer free than one or two hours. So in the afternoon or early evening it's usually full again.
Quite often guests of the neighbouring resorts do reservations directly at the counters: For a deposit this is possible almost all the time. As soon as the first bungalow is available it can be obtained.
But usually the employees can't tell when somebody is leaving and everybody who once stays in a bungalow can occupy it as long as he wants ...

Therefore it is recommend - at least during high season - to book 2 or 3 nights in a bungalow resort or hotel at Kai Bae Beach or somewhere else. Then just show up at Porn's Bungalows and if you like it ask at the receptions if a reservation for the next day(s) is possible.
That's actually the reason why the "boxes" to the right are in which leads you directly to the Agoda hotels at Kai Bae Beach or Ko Chang - and the "webmaster" would be pleased to get a little commission if you book your accommodation via these links ... :-)
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