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- Alternative to a Private Transfer ;-) -

Overloaded Pick-Up

Bangkok <--> Ko Chang / Pattaya <--> Ko Chang - Private Transfers

Bored about public transportations, change vehicles, carry luggage, bargaining?
We got the solution: Arrival and/or departure in your private air-conditioned vehicle.
You just have to decide pick-up time(s), pick-up and target location(s) - the rest is up to our driver ...

We offer the private transfer with 3 different types of vehicles: Minibuses for max. 8, Family-Cars for max. 3 or 4 (depending on luggage; if not available: small minibus) and Car for max. 2 persons.

Minibus - max 8 Persons Family-Car -  - max 4 Persons Car - max 2 Persons
We limit the number of passengers to 2, 4 or 8 persons to make sure that there is enough space including luggage!

Length of the trip
Bangkok <--> Ko Chang:
Depending where your hotel is located and to the traffic situation the journey to the ferry port in Laem Ngop (mainland in front of Ko Chang) takes about 5 hours.
From the Airport about 4 hours.

Pattaya <--> Ko Chang:
Around 3 - 4 hours from the hotel to the ferry port.

Add some waiting time at the ferry port (max 1 hour if you just missed the ferry), another 30 minutes for the crossing to Ko Chang and between 15 and 60 minutes on Ko Chang depending where your hotel is located.

How it works
Fill the form ==> we send you an offer with all necessary information ==> if you accept we send you the voucher(s) after we received the full amount (in case pick-up is at the Airport also a copy of the sigh our driver will hold in his hands when he picks you up there) ==> get in and the trip starts ...
Prices (in Thai Baht)
Bangkok (Hotel) ==> Ko Chang / Trat / Piers for Ko Mak / Ko Kood: 4.990.- (Car), 5.390.- (Family-Car), 5.990.- (Minibus)
Bangkok (Airport) ==> Ko Chang / Trat / Piers for Ko Mak / Ko Kood: 5.290.- (Car), 5.690.- (Family-Car), 6.290.- (Minibus)
Pattaya (Hotel) ==> Ko Chang / Trat / Piers for Ko Mak / Ko Kood: 3.990.- (Car), 4.390.- (Family-Car), 4.590.- (Minibus)
Trat (City or Airport) ==> Ko Chang / Trat / Piers for Ko Mak / Ko Kood: 1.990.- (Car), 2.290.- (Family-Car), 2.590.- (Minibus)

Ko Chang / Trat / Piers for Ko Mak / Ko Kood ==> Bangkok (Hotel): 4.990.- (Car), 5.390.- (Family-Car), 5.990.- (Minibus)
Ko Chang / Trat / Piers for Ko Mak / Ko Kood ==> Bangkok (Airport): 4.890.- (Car), 5.290.- (Family-Car), 5.890.- (Minibus)
Ko Chang / Trat / Piers for Ko Mak / Ko Kood ==> Pattaya (Hotel): 3.990.- (Car), 4.390.- (Family-Car), 4.590.- (Minibus)
Ko Chang / Trat / Piers for Ko Mak / Ko Kood ==> Trat (City or Airport) 1.990.- (Car), 2.290.- (Family-Car), 2.590.- (Minibus)

The prices include expressway tolls, gasoline and taxes. To or from Ko Chang including 2 ferry tickets, for each additional ticket 100.- THB will be charged extra.
We offer a deduction for booking a return transfer: 100.- THB for each way!

REMARK: We have to charge up to 1.200.- THB if your location on Ko Chang is not at the west coast!

If you Pick-up later than 2 pm (Bangkok) or 3 pm (Pattaya) it may happen that you miss the last ferry to Ko Chang!

Because of too many Spam-Mails I had to delete the form.
Please send requests to the following address:


If possible with the following infomation:
Pickup day with time, pickup hotel with address or flight-number, target hotel with address or pier.
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